ATM Processing

Secure, Cost-Effective Solutions

Designed as a state-of-the-art solution for ISOs and IADs, Sibi Systems, EFX Financial Service’s cost-effective, reliably secure ATM transaction processing system utilizes the latest in advanced technology.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the ATM processing industry, EFX’s low cost infrastructure and partnerships with industry leaders allow us to offer some of the most competitive pricing available.


• Competitive buy-rates

• No miscellaneous fees

• System transparency

• 100% interchange pass-through

• Network of independent operators

• Generous DCC splits

• Clear, comprehensive real-time reports

• The industry’s latest technology innovations

• Acquisitions systems featuring leading edge software

• Online terminal monitoring

• Error alert notification


Unlike our competitors, who typically use legacy software systems, EFX maintains our own in-house software processing platform. Our three secure, fully PCI-certified data centers support the full range of major-manufacturer ATMs, deliver industry-leading security, a dynamic network, and world-class managed services.

EFX supports the security frameworks protecting cardholder data and works with a preeminent PCI Qualified Security Assessor to maintain infrastructure compliance with industry requirements. EFX is a member of both, the National ATM Council and the ATMIA.

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