Financial Institutions

Trust EFX To Grow Your Business

Being an exceptional financial institution means you deserve an exceptional electronic payment platform. Having the right platform in place makes it simpler and easier for you to deliver the quality service and convenience that your members 

and employees rely on you for. By using EFX’s best-in-class payment solutions, you can improve the efficiencies of your processes and boost your overall effectiveness.


• Optimize organizational performance

• Ensure greater accuracy of individual transactions

• Safeguard against fraud

• Minimize mistakes



Through EFX’s innovative and highly flexible platforms, financial institutions across the board are discovering the advantages of comprehensive, fully integrated solutions, designed to address the growth, service and regulatory concerns of specific industries and institutions.

EFX’s innovative payment platforms were specifically designed to meet the demands of financial institutions like yours, including:

• Banks

• Credit Unions

• Lenders

• Debt Collection Agencies

• Consolidation Companies

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