Strategies & Solutions For Merchants

Credit charge fees for transactions when the customer isn’t present can add up, eating into your bottom line. Recurring billings for membership fees can lead to customer service problems and become inefficient when the card on file expires or goes over-limit.The most effective solution for resolving these challenges is to provide your

customers the option of making payments via e-check (electronic checks or ACH). E-checks reduce processing costs associated with credit cards and offer a more dependable long-term billing method. EFX makes implementing e-checks into your payment strategy simple and easy. We offer a full range of solutions for almost every application.


• Supports a wide variety of file types and formats as well as XML posts

• Integration into your order entry system and support for file based payments

• Integration into your collections software, specialized customer service input applications and support for file based payments

 Online method for entry of single phone orders or batches of orders

• Check conversion services


Integrating e-checks into your payments streamlines your payment processes and can help boost your profits. Meanwhile, your customers will appreciate the flexibility and convenience of an alternative to paying by credit card.

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