Property Owners & Managers

Executive Property Management Tools Backed By Advanced Technology

Developed by EFX Financial Services, DOMUS is an online electronic processing platform that was designed to make it easy and fun for tenants to pay their monthly rent. Property executives, owners, managers and accountants can all benefit from the 

safe and secure transactions, streamlined accounting processes and consolidated reporting offered by DOMUS. The platform offers the added benefit of enabling you to track performance across your entire portfolio of properties.


•  Residents can make an electronic payment of their choice

•  Real-time access to all transactions, for all residents, for all properties

•  Detailed reports

•  On-site adoption support and accounting support


Automating the rent collection process provides valuable insights into the financial status of your properties. By increasing the efficiency of how you receive, process and analyze payments, DOMUS can accelerate your cashflow and save you money.


By providing tenants with multiple options and channels through which to make their payment, DOMUS frees up valuable time that you can spend doing more important things, like keeping your residents happy.
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