Protecting Vital Information While Minimizing Risk

In today’s climate of heightened cyber-security risks, protecting mission-critical information that’s crucial to running your business is more important than ever.

As a third-party data processor for a wide range of payment applications, EFX is held to the payment industry’s highest standards in terms of data and physical security.


EFX is subject to frequent third-party audits of our operational policies and procedures.

• PCI-DSS Service Provider – Level One

 TG3 PIN Audit

• VISA PIN Audit

• SAS-70 (now known as SSAE 16 SOC 1)

We also undergo annual on-site inspections by our sponsoring financial institutions and ODFIs to review required policies and procedures, and confirm our compliance.


Reducing your risk means managing that risk. We do this in a variety of ways, including maintaining collocated data centers to maintain business continuity even in disaster occurrences, off-site storage of crucial data back-ups and regularly scheduled back-ups of all vital information.

Your business is your business, but it’s our business to keep it running smoothly. That means protecting it from cyber-threats.

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